How to save time and money while still eating well

(Part Two)

In our first installment we talked about shopping in bulk. These days you can go to the big food Warehouse stores such as Costco and stock up on your meats, grains, etc. Most chain supermarkets have good deals on bulk meats and eggs so keep an eye out for those deals and get them when you can.

Part of your healthy eating plan should be to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies. With these types of non-freezable foods, plan to shop once a week. This will help to ensure freshness. Fruits like apples, oranges and pears will last the best. Bananas, peaches and some other fruits can go quickly so plan to eat them soon. I like to make a weekly foray to the local farmers market on Saturday, to stock up for the week ahead.  While I am there I also buy a few pounds of fresh raw nuts for healthy and nutritious snacking. If you don’t have the luxury of a farmers markets don’t worry it’s the twenty-first century, fresh fruit is everywhere all year round.

Finally if all else fails buy canned fruits and veggies. At least have some around for emergencies. When you buy these, take a moment to check the labels. For the veggies watch the salt content. The less added salt the better. Hard training athletes want to keep their sodium and potassium ratios in at least a 2:1 ratio in favor of potassium. I actually think three or four to one is even better. When you buy canned fruits look for those that come packed in their own juice. Stay away from the ones that are in some kind of syrup. If you can not find the canned fruits or veggies of your choice, you can always soak them in clean water to lower the salt and or sugar content.

In our final part of this little series we’ll explore how to cook in bulk to save time. So be sure check back soon for part three.