Modern Day Warrior

I admire people who pursue excellence. Watching athletes who are truly dedicated to their craft is inspiring. I don’t care if it is Bad Minton or Boxing; when you are watching some one who is a master, it is a thing of beauty.

Check out this Modern Day Samurai Isao Machii, in action.

Remember, what ever you choose to do, do it to the best of your ability. Like the “Master Blaster” always says, “Strive for Excellence”.



Coaches Corner: Strength

Six Guidelines for creating successful strength training Programs.

In today’s edition of the Coaches Corner series, I present six basic guidelines I follow when creating strength training programs for my athletes and clients.

1. Maintain progressive overloads

2. Establish short-term objectives and long-term goals

3. Keep accurate training records and perform evaluations frequently

4. Always use proper technique and a spotter when needed. Safety is always a concern

5. Build in variety to avoid physical and psychological burn-out and over training

6. Make strength training fun, safe, challenging and injury free

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