What am I doing right now!


It’s the age of Facebook and twiiter. People are constantly updating us on the minutia of their lives. I realized that it’s been a while since I talked about what my workout program looks like at the moment so I thought I would take a minute to fill you all in.


These are still the basic guidelines I follow when setting up a training plan. With this in mind I’ll fill you in on what I am doing right now.

I train three days per week Monday – Wednesday – Friday. I alternate between a strength training day and a conditioning day (although in truth there is carryover in each direction with the the training that I do).  Because I am alternating I end up doing three strength workouts and three conditioning workouts every two weeks. If week one is Strength – Conditioning – Strength, then week two will be Conditioning – Strength – Conditioning.

On the strength days I set my GymBoss for 20 minutes and see how many cycles of push – pull – legs, I can get done. Some days I may just choose three exercises and repeat the TRI-SET as many times as I can in the 20 minute block. More often, I cycle through varied movements in each TRI-SET, always choosing a Push, a Pull, and a Leg exercises in each sequence. I do any and all warm-up stuff before I start the timer.

Once the timer starts I proceed to do a single, all-out work set of each exercise. I train to positive (concentric) failure on each work set. I track reps as well as TUT. I always do as many perfect reps as possible but do have target Rep /TUT ranges in mind. For most upper body exercise I am shooting for about 4-6 reps and a TUT of 40-60 seconds. For most lower body exercises I shoot for 6-9 reps and a TUT of about 60-90 seconds. For hips, ABs & low-back I may do slightly higher reps shooting for 8-12 reps and 80-120 seconds of TUT.

Ultimately I get what I get,  always doing as many perfect reps as possible. If I get a few more or a few less than the goal, I don’t sweat it too much.

Example Strength Series:

Clean Dead-lift & Shrug

Bench Press

Leg Curl / Stiff Legged Dead-lift
Incline Press
Recline Pull

For my Conditioning days I most often select a set time or distance and attempt to either cover that set distance in less time, or go further in the same amount of time from workout to workout. Currently I use the Versa-Climber as my conditioning tool and I see how far I can climb in 20 minutes.

Well there you have it. Pretty simple really. Using this basic template you could spin-off workouts with endless variety depending on what tools you have available. You could also keep it super simple and just do Push-ups or dips, Single-Leg Squats or lunges, and chin-ups or recline pulls for strength. On conditioning day you could just choose running and either see how fast you can cover a set distance like three miles, or how many 100 yards sprints you can get done in 20 minutes.

Now…Get to it!




“Drawing In”: Draw your own conclusions

At Hybrid Fitness, when it comes to program design, exercise selection etc, we try to base what we do on TRUTH not TRENDS.

Unfortunately the fitness industry is full of myths, misinformation, half truths and just plain bad science. Case in point, the “Drawing in” maneuver, has been recommended by some of the leading “fitness experts” for quite some time now. The theory is that “drawing in” is an important concept to help individuals learn to activate deep abdominal muscles while training.

I have never recommended that people draw in. I know my anatomy and recognized two things wrong with the idea right away.

1. For the most part the transverse abdominis is not truly under 100% conscious control.

2. “Drawing in” can cause an inherent structural weakness due to the nature of the movement.

Instead I have always told folks if they want to activate their “ABS” to brace as if expecting to be “punched in the gut”. Better yet recognize that if you are relatively normal and healthy that the system will take care of itself naturally bracing to match the demands placed on it.

If you are a trainer or coach you may regularly teach people to “draw in”. If you are an athlete or work with a trainer, you may have been taught to do this. Either way I suggest you check out this interesting article on one of the most pervasive trends in the Fitness Industry and then, draw your own conclusions.





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