Personal Protection Series – Street Jab

As I mentioned earlier, it is the opinion of all of us here at Hybrid Fitness that personal protection is an essential part of fitness and wellness. As such, we’ve put together a series of videos on personal protection and ways to modify basic, elemental strikes for real world applications. Or as our self defense director refers to it: “Street” Application. The latest demo vid deals with the “Street Jab” and it is detailed below.

The video speaks for itself, but we always welcome questions .

3 Great Bodyweight Exercises Everyone Can Do

You see and read these types of articles and posts everywhere. “3 Secrets For The Best Body Ever” or “Top 5 Exercises to Make You a Better Athlete”. The truth is, some exercises are better than others, but to pick a few and say call them “the best” is pretty ridiculous.

The bottom line is, people tend to over think fitness. To get in shape doesn’t take the newest trend or some new product. It just takes diligence. In fact, most new products and exercises are just the basics, but repackaged to give you the appearance of something new.

Which leads me to my list of 3 great bodyweight exercises anyone can do anywhere. Notice I said “3 great bodyweight exercises” not “the 3 greatest”. What are they? Simple..and you’ve probably seen them many times over.

1.) Pushups

2. )Pullups

3.) Squats

What makes them so great is they take almost no equipment (except for a bar or stable structure to pull yourself up on) and can be done in virtually any space. Plus, each one has modifications so you can still get the benefit of training without risking injury or exacerbating an existing one.


Standard Pushup Medicine Ball Pushup Assisted Pushup

Pushups are excellent exercises for developing strength and endurance in the chest, arm and shoulders.

Here are three pushup examples showing progression and modification. The first is a standard pushup. To vary the intensity, speed up or slow down the movement. The second is a medicine ball stability pushup. The idea is to balance on the medicine ball during the “up phase” of the movement. It is considerably more difficult and requires more strength and control than a standard pushup. The third picture is a modification for someone who can’t do a regular pushup and wants to avoid using their knees. This is a sportband assisted pushup. The band reduces the effect of gravity on the body, allowing you to perform the movement with proper form. As you get stronger, the size of the band can be reduced, lessening the assistance it gives. Eventually, you’ll progress in strength so that no band is needed.


img_3873.jpg img_3874.jpg img_4340.jpg

Pullups are great for developing back and arm strength. All you need to perform them is a bar. Look around and you’ll find them almost anywhere…a park or playground for instance. Any jungle gym will likely have something suitable.

The first picture shows a standard pullup grip. The second picture shows a reverse grip, commonly referred to as a “chin up”. A reverse grip pullup is typically easier to perform because you have much more assistance from the biceps. The third picture is simply a towel slung over a bar. This is one progression you can make to really challenge the body. By gripping the towel with both hands and pulling yourself up, the exercise becomes much, much more challenging. Try it and you’ll see. In addition, you work the forearm flexors, which often give out in certain exercises long before the other muscles do. This is a great exercise for martial artists or any sport where a strong grip is essential.


Squats are an outstanding exercise overall. They incorporate many different muscles and muscle groups and, best of all, burn a lot of calories. There are so many squat variations, it would take me forever to detail them all. Visit for a better understanding of all the squat variations, including pictures.

Here are some squat examples:

Scrapper, bodyweight squat Bleacher squat

The first picture is of Wayne “Scrapper” Fisher performing a bodyweight squat. It’s very simple and, when done correctly, very effective at promoting strength, power and endurance in the entire lower extremity. The second picture is Liam “Taku” Bauer performing a bleacher squat. This move can be done a couple different ways. Regardless, it’s still a bodyweight exercise but you ultimately end up forcing one leg to do all of the work. In a nutshell, a simple variation makes the movement considerably more challenging and effective.

For anyone with knee and/or joint issues, simply limit the range of the exercise to something that doesn’t aggravate the issue. This is true for pushups, pullups and all other movements.

So keep these exercises in mind and remember, fitness doesn’t need to be fancy, but you do need to work. Visit our website for more information, programs, workouts and videos.

Stockton Video Shoot

Taku and I recently took a road trip to Stockton, CA to meet up with our Self-Defense Director, Mike Suyematsu. We spent the day working on a how-to video series for street-based self defense. Personal protection, or what we like to call “People Safety”, is an integral part of “fitness” and “wellness” in our eyes. It’s one of the many things that separates us from other fitness sites.


For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is an incredibly talented individual in many respects. He’s spent the better part of his life learning how to protect himself in countless situations. He has studied classic martial arts such as Kempo and Jeet Kune Do, along with western-styles such as boxing and wrestling. His full bio can be read in a posting under the “About Hybrid” category. Suffice it to say that Mike has “walked the walk”. One of the traits that makes Mike such a good instructor is his ability to simply convey information and have everyone listening understand exactly what he means. Honestly, instructing is an art and Mike has it down to a science. You’ll see exactly what I mean in some of the video clips below.

During the shoot, we covered topics including street defense, classic boxing technique, weapons use and defense, as well as tactical gear used in training. All of the videos can be viewed in their entirety on the Hybrid Fitness site.

Got Snatch?

Before you get upset, it’s not what you think. The Hybrid Fitness Got Snatch? shirt has been a huge success. We “unofficially” released the shirt at a strength and conditioning seminar in Los Angeles and they were very well received.


The idea is the brainchild of our very own Liam Bauer. He got the idea almost a decade ago and thought it would make a great shirt idea. He was right. The shirts turn up in all sorts of locations, most recently at a New York Mets game. We ask anyone who purchases a Got Snatch? shirt to send us a pic of it being worn…wherever, whenever.


The snatch logo tied the design all together. The logo is an original design. It’s simple enough but we think it works pretty well. Best of all, it’ll be the subject of several other pieces of gear to arrive in the near future. Stay tuned to the blog and, of course, to for more information.

We’d rather use this blog as a forum for letting our readers know about new developments and happenings at Hybird Fitness. If you’re interested in purchasing a shirt, drop us a line here: Got Snatch? T-Shirt and we’ll get you set up.

Jamie Hale – Nutrition Consultant

Meet the Chief Nutrition Consultant to Hybrid Fitness. Coach Jamie Hale.

Jamie Hale

Jamie is Hybrid’s chief nutritional consultant. He is a world renowned nutrition expert and fitness consultant based in Kentucky. Mr Hale is a sports conditioning coach, author, gym owner and nutrition consultant. He has contributed to numerous exercise and sports publications (nationally and internationally). He has authored five books, including his latest release, Knowledge and Nonsense: The science of nutrition and exercise. His website is

Jamie’s latest endeavor is a book entitled Knowledge and Nonsense: The Science of Nutrition and Exercise.


The book has been very well received and contains over 400 pages of current, science-based information on diets, nutrition, exercise and everything in-between. In Coach Hale’s own words, the book is for anyone who is really interested in separating truth from BS. It will help fitness professionals gain and edge over their competitors by being able to provide their clients with accurate information and it will help fitness enthusiasts make choices that are best suited for their needs. This book takes the guessing out of what to believe or not believe.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can learn more in the “Products” section of this blog.

Meet the Hybrid Founders

Jason Klofstad


Jason Klofstad is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, consultant and co-founder of Hybrid Fitness. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, coach and competitive athlete, he has the ability to teach skills in a fashion that makes them completely understandable for most anyone, regardless of their athletic background. Jason holds a Sports Performance Coach certification from USA Weightlifting as well as certifications from ACSM and ACE, among others and has served as a frequent examiner and lecturer for ACSM in California and Washington. Jason is an avid athlete and competitor, participating in a variety of sports including gymnastics, martial arts and outrigger canoe racing. Jason has instructed individuals and athletes of all fitness levels. His clients include high school, prep and collegiate athletes, police, firefighters, tri-athletes and martial artists. To arrange a consultation or for more information on lectures contact Jason at

Liam Bauer


Liam “TAKU” Bauer, co-founder of Hybrid Fitness, is a strength and conditioning coach and fitness consultant who has been designing comprehensive conditioning programs for professional and elite amateur athletes as well as individuals of all fitness levels since 1988. Liam is a certified Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting and a certified Conditioning Specialist through the NSPA. Throughout his career Liam has attained certifications from many of the top recognized leaders in the fitness industry including NSCA, ACE, YMCA, ACSM, ISPA and others. Liam currently works full time training individuals privately as well as acting as a fitness consultant and advisor (via the internet) to fitness enthusiasts, professional fighters and martial artists, as well as police and elite tactical officers all over the world. Liam is also a frequent lecturer and guest speaker at seminars around the country. To arrange a consultation or for more information on lectures contact Liam at

Mike Suyematsu


Mike Suyematsu is a fitness and martial arts instructor with over 38 years of experience. His extensive and diverse martial arts resume includes such styles as Kempo, Kajukenbo, Goju Karate, Northern Style Shaolin Gung Fu, PFS Jeet Kune Do, Cabales Serrada Escrima, boxing and wrestling. In addition, Mike is a Certified Principles Coach in Tony Blauer’s PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Program and is extremely well versed in close-quarter combat and weapons training.

Mike’s list of clients is as diverse as his experience. They include police and S.W.A.T officers, business executives, retirees, college students and combat athletes, among others. Mike brings a unique mix of fitness knowledge with years of self-defense training. He’s “walked the walk” so to speak. Mikes wealth of knowledge make him an important member of the team and what he teaches can literally mean the difference between life and death. To arrange a consultation or for more information on lectures contact Mike at:

Who and What is Hybrid Fitness?


Hybrid Fitness is comprised of a team of highly motivated and disciplined fitness professionals. We are dedicated to the pursuit, acquisition and application of current, reliable knowledge in the field of exercise science and related disciplines. We take a synergistic approach to helping our members and clients achieve their health, aesthetic and athletic goals. Combining all aspects of total fitness such as; strength, endurance and flexibility with sound nutrition, proper biomechanics and recuperation, we help to create a whole that is greater then the sum of it’s parts.

At Hybrid Fitness we are well versed in current strength training and conditioning protocols and in the physiological mechanisms and principals underlying their application towards creating more effective individuals.

For athletes, regardless of your sport or your current level of proficiency Hybrid Fitness can create a program that will improve your performance. Using our state of the art A.S.T.A.R. system* we will assess your current strengths and weaknesses and design, implement and update comprehensive training regimens that will enhance all aspects of your athletic performance.

Remember all things being equal; a stronger athlete is a better athlete. At Hybrid Fitness we will help you improve your strength, explosiveness, stamina, and flexibility. Using our Mac-Map P.E.P. system** we will educate you on how to properly fuel your body for peak performance. Finally we will teach you how to combine all the elements of a total conditioning program in the most time efficient and effective manner possible.

When it comes to strength and conditioning programs designed to enhance sports performance Hybrid Fitness does it all. The rest is up to you.


Card PT – Taking the fitness world by storm!


Card PT is the brainchild of the founders of Hybrid Fitness and bodyweight conditioning specialist Wanyne “Scrapper” Fisher. Card PT is comprised of 5 basic templates which allow the user to create his or her own workouts. It’s the easiest way possible to create your own, totally original workouts.


The concept is simple . Take a deck of cards and deal a hand. It could be 5 cards, 1o cards…whatever you choose. Each card pertains to a specific exercise and repetition number on the template. You can choose to use one template or multiple templates. The number of possible workout combinations is almost impossible to calculate. The templates are designed to accommodate anyone, from the beginner to even the most conditioned athletes.


The best best part about Card PT is that it takes the guesswork out of training by providing the exercises for you, then constantly varying the order. You never know what you’re going to get from one workout to the next.



Card PT will challenge you, reward you and, most importantly, improve your fitness. Give it a shot. Click here for more information.

Good luck and keep training hard!

Welcome to the Hybrid Fitness blog!

Welcome to the official blog for Hybrid Fitness. Our website will soon be live and when it is, you’ll have access to the most current and cutting edge information available in the fitness world. Stay tuned.